Monday, March 9, 2009

Fighting This Cold

Man, I've been trying to fight off this virus/cold for the past week. I decided to give myself another night before getting out there and running again. Gracie had it worse then I do but she seems to be doing ok today.

So, tomorrow I was thinking I'm going to go down to the gym and get in some lifting and then tomorrow evening hit the road for a short know maybe 50 feet or so! lol kidding of course. I was thinking about 2 miles, a good starting point. Time to dust off the Garmin, hope it still works, and hit the pavement for what I expect to be a difficult run! My last 3 mile run I had was sometime early last year and right around an 8:16 gonna happen tomorrow night, it will be more like 13:00 pace but that's ok! I'm excited about getting back to it nice and easy one step at a time.

Have a great Tuesday!

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