Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On a Roll...

Day 63

65 Minute
5.7 Miles

Workout started a little rough, had a terrible headache. This month I'm trying to detox from caffeine and its proving harder then when I quit smoking. About 30 minutes in the headache was almost gone and I was able to finish the workout strong.

Tomorrow will bring on lifting, grip training and my first run back out on the road tomorrow night. I'm excited about the run and I know its going to be difficult but I'm excited anyway. It feels like its been 10 years since my last run. I think it was Feb. of this year...long time. No expectations other then to just get my running legs back slowly.

My company has now officially earned money, I pick up my first check from a customer tomorrow, hopefully the first of many. I need to run down to the bank tomorrow and open an account and get all setup with my quickbooks. I have a meeting on Sunday with another client to take on some online content managment for them so I hope I can earn their business. Things are starting to come together.

Gracie starts school in a few weeks and she seems very excited to get back to her friends from last year. Hopefully it will be a much smoother first day then last year, that was terrible. I can't believe she's going to be 6 this Jan. Time just seems to fly on by lately.

Well, time to get ready for bed. I've been up crazy hours of the night working on this business of mine but hopefully by the start of next week I can get into a regular type schedule. Have a fabulous Thursday morning....

"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream."


Mary Gee said...

Keep running, Running Man!

Bert said...

Good luck with the business, I have been oat it for almost 18 years (in the travel business) and still enjoying it!

By the way I detoxed from coffee a few years ago and had a heck of a time, took me almost a week to get over the withdrawal symptoms!