Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Schedule...

Rosie is adjusting well to her new home as our we to her. Gracie just loves playing with her and holding her, when Rosie lets her!:)

We setup Gracie's old pack and play for her to sleep in and some nice soft blankets to lay on, she loves it. We did pick up a crate on Sunday and are in the process of crate training. We are letting her go into it on her own time. She's a very smart pup and is already letting us know when it's potty time and we haven't had too many accidents in the house. She is also doing well with the lead and the car rides and even starting to take to some basic commands. I was glad to see her appetite pick up the last two days as well. She loves to bite and chew so plenty of toys are going her way instead of our hands and feet!:) Gracie like to run and jump on the sofa before Rosie gets her feet, their having fun!

Work has been very busy the past few weeks and the rest of this week is no exception. I have a class starting on Monday that requires a lengthy setup which I hope I will be able to start on tonight. I also have three custom classes that I need to deliver before the end of April that require me to develop courseware and I'm a little behind on one of them. I don't mind being busy makes the time go by but I have not had the chance to study all that much for school and the next round of tests are coming.

How is my running coming along? What running? That's right no mileage to speak of yet but that is going to change. The last few days I've been really trying to get my time managed more effectively and reorganize some things and change some things. One of those changes is the time I wake up in the morning. I am now up and going around 5:30, alot due to having to take Rosie out to do her business but that's ok soon she will be able to join me for a run every morning but until then I will take her out, put her back to bed, and then take off for a run before work. Rosie is now my new alarm clock!:)

I wanted to just mention something that happened in our town this past week. Andrew Thrailkill, 18, was hit by a car and died while out running Sunday night not too far from my house. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, what a terrible tragedy. Please be very careful while your running out there, it's so easy to get lost in your thoughts during a run.



Makita said...

With a little puppy like that - you know you'll start adding up miles again just taking her out. :)

Chief Wahoo said...

Sounds like the new puppy is fitting right in.
Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Darrell said...

Sad to hear about the loss of a young life to tragic circumstances like that.

scott keeps running said...

the puppy is going to do wonderfully!