Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Semester Two Begins...

Friday night my advisor calls to get me registered for the spring semester. I explained to her that I only wanted to take one class this semester. She explained that in order for me to take advantage of the Education lottery dollars I needed at least 6 credit hours otherwise I was going to have to come out of pocket for the spring semester.

So, instead of doing just the one I'm stuck doing at least two and when I looked at the schedule I decided to just enroll for the three classes.

Fitness Assessment - Mon&Wed 6pm-7:20
Effective Weight Training - Mon&Wed 7:30pm - 9:50
BIO240 Nutrition - Thur. 6pm-8:50

Instead for 4 nights a week it's only three and most of the material covered in these classes I've already had exposure to. I've been working with weights for many years and have studied most approaches to building strength. I've been studying nutrition on my own since 2004 and after looking at the book it should be a good class and it's only one night a week. The fitness assessment class will work hand in hand with the weight training class. We will design training programs for all different kinds of folks and then implement those programs in the weight training class.

Last night I had my first two classes and thankfully we got out much earlier so I went over to the gym and jumped on the treadmill for a quick fitness test on myself. Wow, I did a mile and it wasn't too bad but I lost alot of conditioning that I worked so hard for last year. Tonight I will get out on the road and just run as long as I can at a nice slow easy pace. I also did a small strength test just to see where I'm at and I obviously lost some strength but not as far gone as the cardio. One day, one step, and one mile at a time I will be right back to it.

My nutrition is in check and I'm staying super strict, very clean. I've lost about 7 pounds already but most of that being water weight. I've been able to stay away from the junk food and will continue to do so. Again, staying away from the junk food isn't as much about losing weight as it is being healthy. I don't eat it because I think I will gain weight, because a small piece here and there won't make me gain weight, but it's not healthy. I can make much healthier choices.

So far so good on the new journey, I'm committed and I will succeed. Have a great Tuesday! - Jason


Chief Wahoo said...

Hey Jason -

Great work getting started on the running again...I can tell you from experiencve that the conditioning you lose during a short layoff will return quickly!

Keep up the good work!

robtherunner said...

They always seem to get you to take more classes than you really want to due to the tuition costs. I am back to school at one class per quarter and $1400 it's a pretty steep price tag for 3 credits. I liked it better when I could get financial aid, but it is no more. Good luck!

streak said...

Good job being focused and positive even when the plans change. Good luck with this semester and rocking on the fitness. Give lots of hugs and kisses to Gracie and Ashli and enjoy every second.

J~mom said...

Very cool classes!! I wish I could take something fun like that. I guess I could change my major. LOL

Laurel said...

Happy New Year Jason!!!
Sounds like you have a great plan ahead for the new year. I am sure you will accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself- no problem.

Good luck in your new classes!

Dinesh said...

Hi Jason

A blessed new year to you and your family! It's been awhile since I visited here. Looks like you are still going strong with the running and healthy habits. Btw, what course are you enrolled in?