Friday, November 30, 2007

Final Exams Approaching...

Well, final exams will be here in one more week and actually I have a test every night next week and then three final exams the following week. I'm still fighting this virus, especially at night when the coughing starts which makes sleeping difficult.

My weekend will be filled with trying to study for the tests next week and my final exams. I decided to only take one class next semester which will give me more time for family and workouts. Much more manageable then three classes! I have to say that my favorite class is the Anatomy & Physiology. The human body is such an amazing thing. I'm especially intrigued by the brain and also the heart and I'm looking forward to learning more.

Last night I got a really good 20 minute HIIT session on the elliptical before class and a great medicine ball workout after class. I used a 12 pound ball and did variations of the squat, lunges and presses which lasted about 30 minutes with a good warmup and cooldown included. I've been really trying to incorporate some balance and flexibility into my workouts and I'm finding these different ways to build my health and skill-related fitness levels. My flexibility is horrible and I'm really working to improve that by incorporating a good static stretching program. For balance I'm finding the BOSU ball works really well and one heck of a workout!

My diet is still not totally dialed in yet but not terribly bad. Diet and nutrition is a daily battle for me and something that I have to pay very close attention to. I will be working very hard to keep myself in check every day.

I did start a
new blog for pictures and will continue to update with new pics when I can, check it out if you want. The slideshow out there is from Thanksgiving and the recent pics were some random stuff just playing around with the new camera trying to get it dialed in, enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. - Jason


Mary Gee said...

I won't tell you how many pounds I gained while I was getting my masters degree. It was obscene! And I hear lots of people say the same. Congrats on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

Wes said...

Keep working hard now, Jason! The reward is worth the effort! Kick the virus to the curb too, while you are at it ;-)

J~mom said...

Good luck on your finals!!! I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Good luck, Jason!!! I know you will do great on your finals.

My bio final is Dec. 10. Then I will be taking anatomy (if I get in off the waitlist) or physiology (already registered) next semester. I am excited!

Love the photo blog, too!!