Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeling Worn Down...

Had a great Thanksgiving holiday with the family. We went up to my sister Connie's house in VA. We ate like kings and I my nephews beat me up outside playing football.

The only downside to the long weekend was when I woke up on Thanksgiving morning I had a terrible sore throat and almost no voice. It only seem to get worse as the weekend went along. It progressed to a really bad cough and just a general worn down feeling. It probably wasn't smart playing football outside in the cold but I had fun with my brother and nephews goofing around. We got back in to town on Saturday night, Gracie slept the entire way home and crashed when she walked in the door. All day Sunday I struggled with this virus and was up all last night coughing so I decided to stay home from work today and will probably miss my class tonight. I gotta get myself better.

We did get some good pictures of the fun weekend despite me not feeling 100%. Early in the week Ashli purchased a new digital camera that takes amazing pictures. She got the Olympus EVOLT e-510 dSLR. This is something that she has been wanting for quite some time. She takes really good pictures but never really had a good quality camera and now she does. We are looking forward to using this camera and so far all I have to say is wow, amazing. I will post some pictures this week once we get them downloaded. We got a really good two lens group, case, and 1GB compact flash card, everything you need to get started. After researching the dSLR cameras out there we decided on the Olympus because it has some features the others did not have like "live view" and image stabilization, plus Olympus has an amazing set of Zuiko lenses that you can build up too. Gracie and I have been told to keep our grubby fingers off!:) I can't wait to see the pics that Ashli takes once she gets this camera dialed in.

My nutrition this weekend was just horrible. I planned on cutting loose on Thanksgiving day but I just carried that through the entire weekend, it was disgusting! Back to healthy eating and workouts this week. Workouts were limited to the back yard football games and just running around with the dogs. Worked up a good sweat several times as my 10 (David) and 12 (John Edward) year old nephews tried to catch me, they did a good job! My older brother Alan, 41 year old, was smart and was always all time quarterback, limited running in this role!:) Anyway it was fun and I had a blast.

Gracie played with her cousin Ellie the entire weekend, they were inseparable and played really well together even though Ellie is 8 years old. I think my sister Connie was probably enjoying the peace and quiet in her house yesterday after three days of us all being there!

Well, after milking this extended weekend one more day due to this virus it's back to the grind of work and school. I have at least two tests this week and I've done very little in the way of studying. Make it a great week! - Jason


Neese said...

SWEET camera!!! :) Please do share photos from it! Welcome back home, you'll find your health groove in no time, no sweat. (well, maybe you should sweat some... you get the idea)

David said...

Get some rest (not at your desk, though) and get better!

Great to see mention of Connie again. Hi Connie!