Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Moving Forward...

This week has been really crazy so far. I had my first test tonight in Anatomy and Physiology and I feel like I did really well. I'm learning quite a bit, just makes for a long day. I have another test tomorrow night in Exercise Physiology and it will be a challenge.

Gracie still has this really nasty cough that seems to start later at night and sometimes last for an hour. Ashli is going to take her in to see the doctor tomorrow just to make sure there is nothing else going on. I've been going on about three to four hours a sleep a night for the past week and Ashli has had less then that a few times. Gracie did have her first day back today since being sick and there were no tears as she just kissed Ashli and walked right into her classroom, no issues! She is really starting to like school and has a blast while she's there. Now if we can just get her cough under control we will all get better sleep.

My diet has been really in check over the last week or so but the running has not been there, that changes this week. I have been working out which is part of my Wellness and Fitness class on Tuesday and Thursday nights, some of which was running but mostly more circuit training in nature. We also completed a few fitness assessment test which I feel I did pretty good on most but found I was really lacking in the flexibility department. Hopefully I can improve over the next several months with that.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday and I will update again before the week is out. Jason


Darrell said...

Just keep plugging away.

I hope the little one gets better soon.

Wes said...

A lot of times, with those nasty coughs, the kiddos sound the worse right before they get better. Hang in there..

Good luck with your test, and yes, keep plugging away. It will all be so worth it :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm with you there, my flexibility scores are always pretty bad.

Hope the little one gets to feeling better.

Makita said...

I hope your little princess starts feeling better soon.

As I've perused all my favorite running blogs - it has become apparant that many of us are in a slump right now. Change of seasons, among other things, I'm sure. Keep plugging away and it will come back to you. :)

David said...

Amazing how the little ones can incubate viruses, huh? Man, I'm not looking forward to winter. Hope she feels better soon!