Friday, August 31, 2007


So, I wish I could report that my running is going ok. So far I have yet to run this week, that's right, the big goose egg!

Gracie has been sick all week with a terrible virus that has her up coughing most of the night. I felt totally helpless last night watching her suffer so bad with the coughing, it was awful! Hopefully today will be better for her.

Lack of sleep, full time job, school at night, and a sick kid has me very overwhelmed at the moment. At least I've been able to keep my nutrition in check over the last week. I'm a little stressed about my first three test I have next week. Not to mention I'm trying to prepare for a week long class that I'm teaching at work next week. This weekend will be filled with reading text books....happy labor day to me! Did I sign up for this?:) I do feel like I'm learning quite a bit and I just hope I'm able to retain what I'm studying now for the tests.

I'm not going to worry about my missed runs and just move forward one run at a time. My plan is still to get the majority of my runs done in the early morning hours. Hopefully the sleepless nights will end so I can get up early enough to get them done. I'm so glad it's Friday and I'm so glad there are no classes tonight and the only place I need to be is home. Yeah, that sounds good. Ashli probably feels the opposite since shes been home with Gracie all week, cabin fever starting to set in! I also run the homeowners association in our neighborhood and I will have to do a few things tonight for that but otherwise I will be just trying to relax tonight and hit the books this weekend. Hopefully I will find some time for a good run!

I haven't had a chance to catch up with every ones blogs so hopefully I can do some reading this weekend as well and I hope everyone has a great labor day weekend! - Jason


Wes said...

My oldest used to get so sick with Asthma and pneumonia when he was young. It is the worst helpless feeling in the world... Hope Gracie gets well soon, and you guys hang in there. She'll be driving you nutso again soon :-)

Darrell said...

So many people have gotten that or a similar virus. It sure is no fun whent the little ones are sick.

Sounds like you've got quite a bit going on right now. Your night school sounds really interesting. Hang in there. Busy times will come and go. Scale back if you have to, focus on the long runs, but don't ever give up completely.

Mike said...

the goose egg, the donut, the bagel...we've all been there Jason. No worries man- running will be there for you when you get your life back!
Focus on the important stuff right now!

Hopefully Gracie is feeling better soon!

Mary Gee said...

Take care of yourself... there is a lot on that plate of yours.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the studying. I'll be doing a lot of reading and studying this week as well. Just think of how smart you'll be :)

Michelle said...

Oh, man, when it rains, it pours!!

I know what you mean. I have managed a couple runs this week, but not as many as I usually do. I have school work to do, and Kara is feeling sick right now, too. Why does crap always happen at the same time?

Hang in there! It will get better!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I certainly know where you are coming from with the sick child. We just went through about a week of Christopher coughing and weezing and not sleeping.

You certainly have a full plate going. You are absolutely right not to try and "catch up" on your running workouts. Just start back up as though you didn't miss any and continue on.

J~mom said...

Hang in there!