Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nice Night..Smooth Pace...

Run: 4 Miles
Time: 40:18
Pace: 10:04
Tonight we blew up Gracie's new pool and put it out on the deck for her to splash around in. It's actually a good size pool and it fits really well on our deck. We had alot of fun splashing around and I think she enjoyed getting daddy all wet!
Finally got out for my 4 mile run right at 9pm and what a great night for a run. The weather was just perfect with a nice slight breeze. Just settled into a nice even pace and felt strong the entire run. I did feel a little tightness in my right calf muscle right towards the end but It feels fine right now so not going to worry about it. My parents also booked their hotel room for the marathon so now I really can't back out!:) The pressure is on!
I did have another cheat meal tonight. For dinner I had 2 cups of pasta and with sauce and cheese! Man it was good. Tomorrow will be back on the straight and narrow and if I eat any pasta it will be whole wheat with my organic tomato sauce. My weight was 199 this morning so it seems to be headed back in the right direction. Still I'm down 5 pounds for the month and maybe I can squeak out another couple of pounds before August first.
After thinking alot about my grandfather I really need to take the time and go up to see him. He lives right outside of Philly which is about 700 miles away. My parents live in Lancaster, PA and my mother is really wanting to see her granddaughter (she keeps asking when we're coming) so we can go spend time with my parents and then head on over to my grandfather's nursing home for a visit. Hopefully sometime in the next month or so we can take some time to do that. Nothing should be more important then family! All I need is my garmin, running shoes, shorts (that's always a good thing to remember) and the open road, so no excuses.
Enjoy your Thursday! - Jason


Makita said...

Great run! I'm happy for you that the pounds have started dropping again. Way to go! :)

Wes said...

Nice run! You ate pasta with sauce and cheese? Call the food police :-) I know, you are being very strict, but I think that hardly qualifies as cheating. A big juicy hamburger would be cheating, but what do I know about that? You are going to appreciate those extra calories when your long runs get up there, and I bet the weight will melt away. Keep on rockin, bro! Get that little girl home to see grandma!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Looks like you are getting spammed by the same knucklehead that I am.

Good job with the run. It sounds like your training is right on track.

scott keeps running said...

Yes, very nice and smooth. That pace was steady.

Hope you get a chance to see your grandfather soon.

Gotta Run said...

Hello gym neighbor. Scott enjoyed chatting with you today.

Hard to always see all of your family when there are miles between you. hope something works out for a road trip.

looking good on your marathon training. Keep focused and the days will just pass by in no time.