Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot and Humid...

are the words to describe today. Got to the gym at lunch time and had a much better workout then yesterday. It still wasn't the best but I will continue to push on. My nutrition has been on track all week and I'm really starting to love the foods I'm eating. I look forward to my egg whites, whole wheat wrap, and grapefruit every morning!

Tonight I had fun playing with Gracie on her playset and throwing the ball around. Around 8:30 I took off on my run and only one word can describe it...HUMID! I was drenched at the half mile mark and my legs started out feeling really heavy. At mile one they really started to loosen up and I felt much better, just hot! I took the same route I did last night and when I started up our street my wife and daughter were supposed to be there waiting for me to come in and cheer me on. Gracie wanted to cheer me on as I finished my run.

Trouble is, while I was out running our neighbors invited Ashli and Gracie over for a swim. So, when I rounded the corner and nobody was in the driveway I looked over at our neighbor's house and there they were basking in the glorious pool water, that was just not right!:) So I joined them:) and we had a good time for about 45 minutes or so just swimming and playing around. Gracie had a blast and did real well in the pool. She seemed very comfortable in the water.

Run: 3 miles
Time: 29:47
Pace: 9:56

What's interesting about tonight's run is my time. I felt like I was running about the same pace as last night but came in almost two minutes faster. I think because of the heat I just wanted to get it over with faster!:) Tomorrow brings a 3 mile tempo run. I also have a strength training session scheduled but I have classes to teach tomorrow so I will move that workout to Friday. Hope everyone is doing well! Make it a great Thursday! - Jason


Mike said...

Jason- make sure you drink tons while running in the heat! We had triple digit temps here the other day and still in the 90's..not good! Dehydration will not only affect your current workout but subsequent workouts as well so pound that h20.

Also- nice car dude! Nice red but how you going to hide from the cops with that color!?! ;-)

sunshine said...

Ouch - you got ditched for a swimming pool. :) Sounds like a fun evening though with the family.

Isn't it always hot and humid in SC though...? :)

Neese said...

oh yes the humidity here is ridiculous! (and I don't mean "ridiculous" in the good way haha)

Now a good swim on a humid day IS ridiculous!! :)

nice pace on that run!

Michelle said...

Oh, I bet that pool felt awesome after such a humid run!!

I definitely don't envy you guys in the southern states. I die when our humidity gets up too 65 percent!

Great job on the run!!

Wes said...

Ah yes... I remember last year running in the heat and humidity because I didn't know any better and kept asking myself what everyone was complaining about :-) Nice job to get that pace in this heat!!

lynchburgrunner said...

This heat has got to go! Like Mike said, make sure you're staying hydrated.

Bob Gentile said...

Good Job Jason, Likewise on the Fluids DRINK UP!!...I so LOVE the heat & Humidity bring it...but I am a freak -- lol

Very Cool Gracie was having fun in the pool, when we were younger we had a pool and it was awesome younger brother has 3 year old twin boys and they are starting to enjoy the pool ...and will have those Good Memories as well when they get older.

OK Now go Armor All® ur wheels-haha

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good call on the pool running. ;-) Congrats on the new wheels and the sub-200 scale reading. Very cool! All I know about cars is how to drive them and how much they cost...kind of takes the fun out of it I guess.

Marcy said...

You know you're a changed man when you start to love "egg whites, whole wheat wrap, and grapefruit " LOL Awesome job Jason!!

Mary Christine said...

Jason, you ARE the running man!