Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And So It Begins...

One foot in front of the other, one goal in mind, chasing 26.2 for the next 18 weeks.

Today was a mixed emotion day. I ran over to the gym at lunch for my strength training and just had a terrible workout. Even though some exercises went up in weight I suffered mentally in the gym and lacked energy and was just generally not motivated. I still got it done but I sure hope tomorrow's strength workout goes better. On a better note my first run "in training" was just fantastic. I felt like a million bucks through the entire run and the additional weight loss and added strength training over the last month is a big reason for it.

Run: 3 miles
Time: 31:21
Pace: 10:27

Nice easy pace that felt strong the entire way. My nutrition will stay the same as I would like to drop another 15 to 20 pounds.

On a personal note for the last several weeks I've been looking to buy a car. One of my favorite cars the Ford Mustang. I looked at Cobras, Saleens, Rousch, and GT packaged Mustangs over the last few weeks. Monday I finally purchased one...

My daughter named her "cherry". Yes, she is what I like to call "Arrest Me Red"!:) She is a 2002 Mustang GT Premium. It has all the factory options. It also has some very good performance modifications. For those car nuts here's a short rundown of some of the performance parts. Flowmaster 40 series American Thunder exhaust, BBK Cold Air Intake, C&L Intake Plenum, Steeda Timing Adjuster, and a performance chip to name a few. The previous owner really took good care of this vehicle as it looks new inside and out. I will be adding more goodies and it will also take a trip down to Anderson for a ride on a dyno. I want to get a good benchmark before I start to add in the horsepower department. Should be fun!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm partnering with my father-in-law in a video editing business. We can convert VHS to DVD as well as create full movies of those treasured family videos. We also take your photos of those treasured moments and turn them into jazzed up photo slide shows. I'm still working on the website but check it out at Fleeting Moments Video!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday morning! - Jason


Mary Christine said...

Great Wednesday morning? First I have to have a great Tuesday night - but I am planning on it!

Bob Gentile said...

18 weeks, Keep focused...u will battle the ebbs & flow of training..I am going through some mental battles getting ready for this 50 miler--Like was I on crack when I sign up for this--LOL

Congrats on the New ride!!!

Here is my latest Mp3 I added to my player for my workouts, I pulled the tire tonight for 1:45mins and played this sucker like 10 times in a row--LOL Ya I have issues--- Later

Give it Your Very BEST

Jason The Running Man said...

Great stuff Bob...I need to put that on my mp3 player! Thanks!

Mom is on Decaf Now said...

It's so exciting to start a new plan! I am glad the run went well!

Your new car is sweet! Congrats.

I think I need to mail my wedding video to you! Let me know when you are ready for business!!:>)

JMom -I have a new blog address!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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Wes said...

Nice ride! Looks like mine except mine is not a GT and is a 2000 I believe. Good choice!!

scott keeps running said...

hey, why run anymore when you can drive that around all the time? (seriously) :)