Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quality Training

So far this week has been about strength training.

Bench Press: 4x10
Standing Calf Raises: 4x10
Lat Pulldown: 4x10
Weighted Crunches: 4x15
Incline Press: 3x10
Decline Press: 3x10
Shoulder Press: 3x10
Hammer Curls: 4x15
Regular Curls: 4x10
Leg Curl: 3x10
Pushups: 1x25

Bench Press: 4x10
Weighted Crunches: 4x15
Incline Press: 4x8
Decline Press: 4x8
Shoulder Press: 3x10
Flat Flyes: 3x10
Regular Curls: 4x10
Hammer Curls: 4x15
Pushups: 1x26

The pushup challenge is going strong as I pushed out 26 strong pushups with no problems. My weight has been very consistent and I anticipate finally hitting sub 200 very soon. No cheat meals for me as I've been like a rock! Tomorrow will bring another strength session at lunch and a short 3 mile easy run in the evening.

This weight loss success has been about consistent QUALITY training. My June so far:

June Snapshot:
Running: 31.3 Miles
Biking:48.3 Miles
Strength: 15
Weight Loss: 7 pounds

I will probably see somewhere between 10 to 12 pounds lost for June. I am very pleased to be able to lose basically the max amount of weight per month and still gain strength...very cool with me! You really don't want to lose any more then 2 pounds a week and if my strength was decreasing I would adjust my caloric intake and decrease my cardio to slow the weight loss to maximize the amount of lean body mass. So far though my strength gains are still increasing. My calories are sitting between 1500-2000 calories depending on the day. Sunday was a day off and I just creeped over 1500 calories for the day. Saturday I actually had just over 2100 calories but with strength and a 3 mile run it needed to be higher. Come July 9th I will be consuming more carbs and the amount of calories will slowly increase as the mileage increases. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and hey Wes did I win a free dinner? - Jason


Wes said...

LOL. Yes you did! You and your beautiful family may claim the prize anytime you are in Canton, GA! You're dedication and consistency is inspirational!! I personally don't see how you do it on 1500 calories a day AND exercising. Then again, I don't need to know. It's workin! Rock on!!

Gabe said...

I love reading posts like yours, always positive. I hope you have a smooth transition to the marathon training and increasing the calories/carbs. I had a difficult time w/ that after dropping all my weight. It was hard to eat more without worrying about gaining the weight back. Stay Strong

streak said...

Man, all of your stats are amazing and it will be very soon that you will be BELOW the big 2 for good! Great job and enjoy the accomplishment.

Mary Christine said...

Your self-discipline is really admirable. I wish it was contagious.

Chief Wahoo said...

Nice work on the weight training - I am with you on loosing weight while gaining stength - doesn't it feel great to be lighter and stronger!

sunshine said...

I think I'm gonna grab your weight training schedule and take it as my own... :)

scott keeps running said...

sounds like you are in the zone. how does it feel? i'd like to be there someday.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, that's some impressive weight training. Good job with the eating as well.

Fantastic job with the 5k! That is some major league improvement.

robtherunner said...

It sounds like you are really in tune with what your body needs to lose weight and maintain strength. I am hoping for about a 1 to 2 pound weight loss per week as well, but I think I need to step up my planning to meet your level of awareness. I am trying to up my intake of fruit, dairy and water in hopes that it will curb my appetite for all the junk I have been eating lately. Keep up the inspiring work.

Michelle said...

I thought I already posted here, but I guess I didn't. Oops!!

I just wanted to say you are doing awesome with everything: the training and eating healthy and weight loss. Very inspirational!! Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

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J~Mom said...

Awesome job on the weight loss and the dedication!! You are so inspirational to all of us!!