Monday, June 11, 2007

Moving Forward

Wow, what a weekend. Friday I did get my strength training in at lunch. Saturday morning I went 14.1 on the bike and seem to really struggle, I just wasn't in to it but was glad to at least get some mileage in.

Saturday afternoon we went down to Lowe's and purchased a big play set for my daughter and had it delivered Sunday afternoon. My father-in-law came over around 1:30 and we got started on the assembly. By 5:30pm we were still working in the blazing heat and we still didn't finish. The project didn't start off well when I started pulling all the pieces out we had some damaged and missing parts and after a couple of hours and Lowe's bringing out new pieces we were able to continue. The directions were not very clear in several sections but we were able to make some headway. Meanwhile, my daughter is jumping out of her skin for us to get the thing together.:) Hopefully tonight we can make a little more headway on the main piece.

Last nights meal consisted of about 2 cups of whole wheat pasta in organic tomato sauce and a small salad. I have decided not to do any more races until my marathon. My main goal is drop fat between now and November. I will be starting my marathon training plan in about 4 weeks. I would love to be in single digit body fat by November 10th. I'm about 21% right now so lots of work to do in the gym and the kitchen. Here's my plan for tomorrow....

Meal 1: Organic egg white omelet, 2 slices of organic whole wheat bread, 1 grapefruit, 32oz water
Meal 2: 1 cup oatmeal, 2 tbsp natty PB, 1/4 sugar free maple syrup, 32oz water
Meal 3: 2 Morningstar Veggie patties, 32oz water
Meal 4: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp sugar free smuckers red raspberry jelly, 32oz water
Meal 5: 8oz Chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli, 1 can diet cherry pepsi
Meal 6: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp smuckers red raspberry jelly, 2tbsp Natty PB, 32oz water
Meal 7: 1 large banana

Banana will be decent fuel for my run tonight as long as everything goes as planned on the play set (knocking on wood). Here's the plan:

Super Clean Diet
4 Day a week strength
4 Day a week Cardio - My running and Biking for cross training.

In about 4 weeks I will start my actual 18 week marathon training so things may change a little and I will post a sample of the plan once complete.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great Monday so far! Waiting to see how my buddy David did on his first international level triathlon! - Jason


J~Mom said...

Oh man, those play sets can be impossible! I hope you can finish it up today.

Your diet and plan look awesome!!

Marcy said...

Putting together that play set is a workout in itself!

Looks like a great meal plan! :) Just out of curiosity, do you actually measure out the 2 tbsp of jelly or do you guesstimate? One of the old habits I have from "dieting" days is using the tablespoon to measure out the amount of creamer that goes into my coffee LOL That stuff has crazy cals hehe

Wes said...

Don't be afraid to toss some races into your training schedule. I juggled that my entire half marathon training (5 months). On the other hand, certainly nothing wrong with focusing on the marathon. Good luck with the single digit thingee! You will be lean and mean by then :-)

David said...

Bob told me about the heat-induced madness over the weekend. I would have loved to have been there to see the hot bolt thing! LOL

Thanks for the call of encouragement! My race report is posted now. Thank goodness it's 1 month to the next tri.

getwell said...

Good for you that you can plan and put together your meals so thoroughly! I'm usually reduced to protein shakes where I just jumble oatmeal, protein, CoffeeMate, milk and ice in a blender. BTW, I assembled my kids' playset as well (from Costco). If anything, please make sure your foundation posts are level and plumb. And take your time. And enjoy!

Darrell said...

Ah, the days of putting together kids stuff, good memories.

I am in complete awe of your dedication to the meal planning. You rock. You will certainly reach your goals with that determination.

I agree with Wes on the race. Throw in a couple just for fun to mix things up a bit. You've got plenty of time before the big one.

Mendy said...

Wow! Grace really wants one of those. But, since there's one in our big shared backyard, we're safe for now and she plays on one everyday at school. Bet that was fun, you and Bob trying to figure it all out!

But, it's all worth it for Gracie to really enjoy it!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I know where you are coming from with your daughter. We haven't even started to move into our new house and the boys already have their rooms staked out and are planning where the swing set should go in the back yard.

Have fun with it!