Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend News

Well, my plan for this post was to update my weekend workouts....

Instead, I received some terrible news when I got into work this morning. My buddy Russ Frazier's 20 year old son "Rusty" passed away Saturday morning. Apparently he drowned in their hot tub. Rusty had type 2 diabetes and my guess is that he passed out due to low blood sugar and he drowned. I am so completely saddened for Russ.

Those of you who read my blog, Russ is the one who owns the red buick in the pictures I posted from the car show. Russ and I spent that entire weekend talking about our kids and how Rusty was turning 21 on April 14th. Just terrible and my heart breaks for Russ. Here is the obituary.

Also, I got word from my mother yesterday that my Uncle is currently in ICU. He has severe swelling on his brain caused by a sinus infection. All of this has been very difficult to deal with and please pray for Russ and my uncle.

I had a really active weekend...I biked 22.4 miles, ran 4 miles, and lifted for 45 minutes on Saturday. I also ran 4.1 miles on Friday but all of that just doesn't seem important now. I will report my March totals this evening.

Jason The Running Man


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Our family's prayers go out to your friend Russ and to your family as well. I hope your uncle has a speedy recovery.

This is where workouts become more about mental health than physical.

Neese said...

I'm so sorry Jason. Words cannot express, just know you're in my thoughts