Friday, March 9, 2007

New PR for Thursday

Run: 3.4 Miles
Time: 32:14 (9:23 pace)
March Totals
Running Miles: 19
Biking Miles: 0

Well last night I was so not motivated to go run. Just wanted to veg out and watch tv but I knew what I had to do. I laced up my shoes grabed my Garmin and headed out around 9pm. I decided to do a high tempo shorter distance run. My goal last night was to at least hit the 5k distance and I got in just shy of 3.5 miles. I was so excited when I looked down at my Garmin at mile 3.1 (5k distance) it read 29:06. Finally ran a sub 30 5k distance and when I finished I was happy to see my pace in the 9:20 range. Thats another first for me as well, to hold a sub 10 pace for more then 3 miles. Nothing like going from wanting to be lazy and doing nothing to hitting a PR and achieving a small goal of sub 10 pace for 3 miles.

More often then not on the days I don't feel like getting out there and running those become my best runs. When your not motivated to run that's when you need to lace them up, get out there, and make it a great run. I know when I achieve small milestones like last night it really fires me up to get out there and not just run but be excited about getting out there. Below is a snap shot of last nights run. Also, tonight I will be hitting the gym for my missed workout on Wednesday and tomorrow will be my long run.

Tomorrow I will have a running buddy with me, my coworker Mendy and I are going to do a 7 mile loop around Donaldson Air Force, should be fun. Mendy is really the one that encouraged me to run in my first 5k race last May (she really made a few of us guys at work feel like we had to "man up" and register for that 5k):) and the rest is history. Mendy just finished her half marathon last month and is running in the Chicago Marathon in October. Go over to her blog and say hey! Anyway, make it a great Friday!:) - Jason The Running Man


J~Mom said...

Great job on your PR!!!

Laurel said...

That's awesome. I always seem to have my best runs when I dont want to go out too.
Good job!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job on your 5K PR. That rocks!

keith said...

way to go! isn't it amazing what you find out you're capable of?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job on the PR!