Saturday, March 10, 2007

7 Mile Saturday

Run: 7.1 Miles
Time: 1:17:26 (10:52 pace)
March Totals
Running Miles: 26.1
Biking Miles: 0

This morning I got up and helped my father-in-law install new seats in his 1971 Buick Skylark GS and then had some lunch. Around 1:30pm we went down to our local running store because I've been in desperate need of new running shoes. I've never had someone analyze my foot and running motion before so I was excited to get the correct pair of shoes for my foot type. I've always gravitated towards Nike shoes but have noticed that they are not one of the top running shoes worn. I joked around with my coworker Mendy that I bet after they analyze my foot that they would bring me a pair of Nike shoes from the start....

Two minutes later the guy came back with guess what....Nike Air Zoom Plus!:) I tried them on and could not believe how comfortable they were, so much more cushion! He ripped out the inserts and put better ones in. Just to make sure I asked him to give me another brand with the same foot structure and he brought back a pair of Mizunos. I put the Mizuno on one foot and the Nike Zoom on the other and went outside for a jog. The verdict, the Mizuno could not even come close to the comfort of the Nike shoe. So, true to my form I stayed with Nike. I also picked up a pair of iBungee laces for quick slip on slip off no tieing and a pair of Injinji socks to help in the blister department. By the time we got out of the shoe store it was 2:45 and I planned on meeting Mendy at 3:30.

Finally got over to Mendy and her husband David around 3:20 and after a quick potty break and hugs and kisses to my wife and daughter we headed over to where we were going to start the run. This is a 7.1 mile loop around the Donaldson Air Force Base here in Greenville. Mendy and I started off with a nice easy pace and just settled in while David hung back briefly. He runs around a 7 minute mile pace and caught us quickly and moved on. The run is somewhat hilly at the beginning and levels out nicely towards the end with the excepetion of one tough hill near the end of the route. I did take a 20oz bottle of water and we stopped at the 4.6 mile mark for about a minute or so to rehydrate and then back on pace we went. Right near the end there was a slight up hill and Mendy was in front of me about 5 feet and all I heard was sprint sprint lets go and I quickly picked up the pace but didn't have much left in the tank and Mendy started to pull away slightly then slowed to let me catch up and we crossed our finish line at 1:17:26 a 10:52 pace, no wonder I didn't have much left in the tank that's a whole minute plus faster then what I normally do my long runs in!!

It felt great though and it was good to run with someone for a change. Thanks Mendy and David it was a blast. They're are going to bike that loop tomorrow and depending on what I have going on I may bike it with them. Will see. Anyway, fantastic to jump into the 10 minute mile pace for more then 6 miles! Got home took a quick shower and went out to eat with my wife and daughter and treated myself to a 12oz ribeye steak and a plain baked potato....mmmmm it was excellent and also Mendy's fault for brining up steak during our run. First time I've had red meat for quite a while. Hope everyone has a great Sunday morning and don't forget to turn those clocks ahead one hour tonight! - Jason The Running Man


Mary Christine said...

Great time! I mean your run. The Daylight Savings "Time" I am not so thrilled about, being a morning runner.

Gripperm said...

I hate Nike running shoes, they rate near the bottom in the running shoes world except for Cross Country running for some reason. But the socks you got are great, it took me a few days to adjust to them and if you have a small toe box in your shoe you might have problems because now your toes can spread out when running

Michelle said...

Great run!

I am with gripperm on this one. I hate Nike shoes, too. They never fit my feet right. I have big feet for a woman (size 11) and their size 11 is like a size 10.

I have some Mizunos and LOVE them! I ran my race in them today and it was wonderful!!!

Anyway, keep up the great work!!!

mtnrunR said...

what a great way to enjoy a run but with friends. great post.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Another milestone. You are making a real habit of that. Great job! In Arizona, we don't believe in daylight savings time. It's nice to not have to monkey with our clocks twice per year.

Mendy said...

Jason, I had a blast too, and it was nice to have some company for the first time on the loop. Hope to do it again soon. Next time, I'll try not to talk too much. :-)