Friday, February 16, 2007

Three In a Row

Run: 2.8 Miles
Time: 31:42 (11:19)
February Totals
Running Miles: 35.9
Biking Miles: 19
Strength Training: 5 Sessions
Weight Loss: 3 Pounds

Tonight was my third day in a row running. That's my limit right now. I can definitely feel the affects of three consecutives days of running. Tomorrow is strength training and an easy bike ride and I'm looking forward to it.

Before I get into tonight's run I have to tell you a funny story. My daughter Gracie has the most amazing vocabulary for a four year old. Last night my wife was telling her that her Oma (Grandmother) and Pa (Grandfather) were going to watch her at her gymnastics practice tomorrow and then they would all go to lunch at Red Robbins afterward. Gracie says to my wife "Momma I'm a little apprehensive about eating a hamburger", Ashli says, "Gracie, what do you mean apprehensive?", Gracie says, "I'm nervous about eating hamburger!" How dare she challenge her on the definition of the words she uses! See Gracie doesn't eat red meat and she knew that was a burger place so she was explaining to her that she was apprehensive...perfectly normal thing to say......unless of course your four! I could go on and on and it never ceases to amaze me what comes out of her mouth, too cute.

Anyway, tonight's run went well. The 2.8 to 3 mile runs are becoming shorter and shorter as my long runs get longer! Did that make sense?:) The only problem on the run was how cold it was. I think the temp was about 30 degrees and I know to some of you that might be considered warm but to us in the south that's still really cold! Today my calories were again in the 2200 range so I'm happy to be able to keep those numbers up these last two days. Well, I hope everyone has a great Friday night! Be safe. - Jason The Running Man


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I understand how the 3mile runs seem to get shorter. That's cool, huh?

I never run more than two days in a row. For me, it starts to become counter-productive. But I cross train (cycling/swimming) since I'm triathlon training. I think it all works together somehow anyway.

Gripperm said...

Great story! I love Red Robin... I assume she had a chicken burger?