Saturday, January 27, 2007

Race Day Results

Race: Greenville News Rundowntown 5k
Time: 31:05 (Still waiting on the race results to be posted)

Well, my race day performance was certainly tested on this fine Saturday in January. It didn't start at 6:30am like I thought it would, it actually started at 2am. Let me explain, my 4 year old daughter Gracie woke up at 2am complaining that her stomach hurt. This lasted until about 2:30 when all of sudden we, my wife and I, were dodging and darting around the room to find something to catch projectile vomit in! Yeah, that's right and let me just say we didn't do a very good job. So, after washing sheets and bathing her we got back into bed around 3:30am. Everything was fine until about 4am when the sequel reared its ugly head. This time we, my wife and I, were prepared with the bathroom trash can. We went through this 1 more time and by 5am I was finally getting a chance to lay down. I think I got a total of 2 hours in the sleep department.

So, other then all of that I got down to the start line by 8:30am and it was busy! There were over 1400 runners for this event and it was cold. I think the temp at start time was about 33 degrees. The first 50 to 100 feet were very slow walking pace just do to the amount of runners. After about 2 minutes or so the pack started to fan out good and I just settled into a nice pace. After dodging walkers and avoiding the slower folks at the beginning the run was really uneventful. The only other thing worth mentioning was the beast of a hill at around the 2.6 mile mark. Wow, I thought it would never end but I made it to the top without walking and cruised into the finish. When I looked at the clock before crossing the line it said 31:02 but I will wait for the official results to come out. Even so my last 5k time on December 16th was 31:54, so I hit my goal of besting my time! WOOHOO! Almost into the 9 min. mile pace!

So even through all the early morning drama it still worked out! Tonight I will post my nutrition totals from today.

Have a great Saturday!

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