Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy Life...

Wow, my life is super busy right now. Tests all week in school and work is just crazy. I did get 5 miles in this past Saturday and it felt great until I got up for church Sunday morning, wow was I sore but by early afternoon it was gone. My nutrition class is going really well, and in fact tomorrow night instead of class our teacher is taking us to go hear Dr. Oz speak. Our teacher is a VP up at one of the local hospitals and Dr. Oz is speaking to the staff. Should be alot of fun and I'm looking forward to it.

We did finally find a good church home at Crossroads Community Church. We've been really looking to find a good church home for some time and from the first visit we knew it was the right fit for us. We love everything about it and we look forward to Sunday! Gracie seems to really like it as well.

Even though I'm back to running its not nearly as consistent as before but with a little time management I will get myself into a good schedule of running, no programs or plans just going out and putting in some miles. I'm still doing about 2 days a week of strength training and a short flexibility program that I got from one of my classes. You gotta keep at the flexibility or you will lose it very quickly like the cardio even more so then cardio actually. I'm only getting about 2 days a week in the running department and I can't wait to increase that. I miss it.

Well, off to bed to get some rest for another long day ahead. Have a great Thursday. - Jason


Mary Gee said...

I can relate about the busy part. Glad you found a nice church, that really is so wonderful.

Chief Wahoo said...

It's great that you can get two days of running in with all you have going on!

Makita said...

2 days is better than 0 days

Good for you! :)

Michelle said...

It's so hard to find time to work out when you're so busy! That's one of the things I am finding out, being back in school and all. I am only running three days a week.

Great job on keeping up with everything!

Darrell said...

Very cool that you found a good church to call home. Way more important than anything else.

Two days of running is two more days than zero.