Friday, August 3, 2007

Busy Week & On Track...

Wow, what a crazy week it has been. I was scheduled to run 4 miles on Wednesday and 3 mile tempo on Thursday. Well, that didn't work out exactly as planned but I did get my runs in.

I took Wednesday as a rest day and did my 3 mile tempo run on Thursday at lunch. Got my 4 mile run completed first thing this morning, actually I did 4.5.

Run: 3 Miles
Time: 28:27
Pace: 9:29

Run felt good but the heat and humidity was almost too much. A little slower then my normal tempo runs but overall very happy considering the conditions.

Run: 4.5 Miles
Time: 45:48
Pace: 10:07

Just took a nice easy pace and enjoyed an early morning run. Started to get a little over heated towards the end but I did a good job of hydrating myself.

My calories have been much improved with yesterday hitting about 3200 for the day. Today I'm already over the 2000 mark. I need to keep those calories up there. Most of them coming from carbs. Found a really good organic cheddar, rice, and bean burrito that comes frozen and is a quick 300 calorie meal which has helped get those calories where they need to be.

Sunday brings my long run of 9 miles. I probably will run this in the cover and somewhat cool darkness which means I need to pick up my blinky lights and vest sometime tomorrow so the wife gets off my back!:) My shoulder is doing much better but dangit its still not totally there. I've been doing my core work and some very light leg work just to keep things moving somewhat in the strength department. May need a visit to the doc if it doesn't get any better.

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe. Ashli is picking up her niece as we speak so will have fun showing her around. - Jason


J~mom said...

Great job!! Your miles are looking strong! Enjoy your weekend!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the runs. Sounds like you are right on track with your training. Good luck with the 9-miler.

Wes said...

Yes, get those blinky lights so you look like Electrico from The Running Man :-) Have a great weekend!

David said...

I'm with you on the humidity; makes it rough when the sweat can't evaporate and cool you off. Check out Bob Gentile's trick with the ice cubes in the bandana. Looks like it would work nicely.

Randy said...

Jason, I"m chasin' your are rockin' even in the do you do it?

Mendy said...

Looks like you are outnumbered with all those ladies. Have fun!!

Doing well on your plan.

Makita said...

Looking strong! Way to go! :)

Neese said...

Jason, the Shock drink is from Whole Foods over off of Woodruff.

Stay cool :)