Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to the Grind...

Wow, it feels like I haven't posted in forever. We got back home around 10pm Sunday evening. Due to traffic and slow food eating places it took us over twelve hours to get home. It normally takes us about ten hours. We were all very tired and Monday morning was Gracie's first day of K4.

We got to the school right at 8am yesterday morning and Gracie was in good spirits right up until we had to leave the room. She screamed and cried for us not to leave, it was terrible. She was so scared and we were so upset. The school does the ""peel and stick" method in these situations. They peel her from us and stick to her until she calms down. It was very hard to walk out of that classroom and we stood in the hallway for 20 minutes listening to her scream. It felt like our hearts were ripped right out of our chests. After a few minutes standing in the hallway her teacher came out and reassured us that Gracie would be fine and for us to go ahead and leave.....yeah right, not happening until we see her not crying and screaming. After a few minutes Gracie had calmed down and started to participate, so we left in full tear mode....

You have to understand, Gracie has been with us or one of us since her birth she has had the occasional time with grandparents and her weekly gymnastics class but for the most part she has not left our side. She also walked into a completely non familiar environment with non familiar faces and without us. I think I would have been scared as well....

So, Ashli and I walk out of the school and get into the car and sit for about 20 minutes in the parking lot. That was the hardest thing I think I have ever had to go through in my life. Her teacher is really awesome and told us that she would not let Gracie just sit and cry and that she would call us if things got worse. Around 10am Ashli's phone rings... its Ms Peek, Gracie's teacher, calling to let us know that she is doing great and just got a sticker for having the biggest smile in the room, phew, man, was that call relieving or what, and that she is doing really well now. That was the call we needed. Ashli and I headed out and got some coffee and just talked for a couple of hours until it was time to pick her up. Of course, Gracie came running out with Ms. Peek...big smile and very excited. She had a great time playing with the other kids in her class and she did very well the rest of the morning. Happy ending indeed!

I didn't think it would be as difficult as it was....but....

she's my baby girl, she's my life, I want to spend every waking minute that I can with her, and now I have to share her? No way! It's not fair! That's right its not fair, its not fair to her! Gracie has so much to offer, she's compassionate, funny, and intelligent and her smile is infectious, she is daddy's girl...

very difficult indeed. I love my Gracie!

Well, besides dealing with that I also started night school last night. I'm enrolled in Greenville Tech's Personal Training and Nutrition courses and last night I had my first class to attend, Anatomy and Physiology. This is something that I have been wanting to do for the past 3 years but just didn't follow through until now. My goals are to open my own personal coaching practice and help those folks that are in the same situation I was in back in 2003. There are alot of good personal trainers out there but alot of them don't combine nutrition as part of their training plans, just exercise. Also, alot of doctors don't have a clear understanding of how to develop the right nutrition plans. When you have all the right tools losing weight and getting healthy is not difficult and I want to make sure people have the right tools.

This is a certification offered by the school and once I complete my classes I will also be getting some national level certifications. There are several organizations out there but here are the ones I am looking to get. Amercian Counsel on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I will have this education completed in 2 semesters.

My life just got really busy. So, I will be shifting my runs to the glorious AM hours or lunch time fun depending on the schedule. I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed but I'm going to take one day at a time and I will not sacrifice time with my family.

Getting back to the grind has been a little crazy but actually a little welcomed. Work has been a little crazy this morning but not too bad. Just looking forward to getting into my new routine with classes and my running. Here are my workouts for this week.

Tue: 3 mile - easy
Wed: 6 mile - easy
Thur: 3 mile - easy
Sat: Cross Training
Sun: 12 mile - long

I did eat a very relaxed diet while on vacation but was able to get in some good running. Friday I got a good 5.2 mile run through my old high school, very cool and the temp was only 74 degrees, man was that nice. Looking forward to my runs this week.

I think the best part of my vacation was visiting my 93 year old grandfather. He is doing well and it was a great visit. We took him out by the little pond they have and watched fish swim around and shared some really good cookies and coffee. He eats like a horse!:) Ashli got some good pics that I will share this week. He's doing well and was in good spirits. Something that I needed to see. It was very difficult for me to walk out of his room and leave but I know he's in God's hands. I love you Poppop!

We have a connection, something special that is hard for me to explain. Even though I only get to see him once a year he's always in my thoughts, like he's right there. He's now in a wheel chair full time to get around and that was kind of hard to see. This is a man that was walking a few miles a day at age 91, he loved his walks. We also had a great time visiting with my Uncle George, Aunt Sandy, and my cousins Mare and Suze. Mare's youngest son Rueben is adorable, sorry if I misspelled Mare, and Gracie loved playing with him. Every time we get together with them we spend alot of time laughing and goofing around, great time! Wish we lived closer to spend more then once a year! Saturday night I caught up with a good friend of mine Brian talking over coffee and Gracie always enjoys goofing around with "Uncle Bubba". All in all a great time away and a good release. Glad to be back and rolling! Make it a great Tuesday! - Jason


J~mom said...

Jason, I really understand that hurt of letting them go to school. The day I sent my oldest to kindergarten I stood in the parking lot and sobbed. Not just tears but full sobs. It's so hard to wrap your mind around being their sole provider and influence and then all of a sudden you turn them over to a teacher somewhere. But, each day gets easier and as you watch them blossom and learn you know it is the right thing. Glad to have you back!

Wes said...

Its wonderful to see the strong bond that runs from the top to the bottom of your family. The Circle of Life is strong in your family :-)

Little girls grow up. Time is unstoppable. Realizing that doesn't make it any easier.

Good luck with your training. You will make a great personal trainer.

robtherunner said...

My wife got most of the tears of taking the girls to pre-school. I usually picked them up and that was much easier than dropping them off.

Good luck getting into the new routine with school.

Neese said...

Jason I couldn't think of a more suitable career path for you!!!That's way cool and will do well, and you have your personal journey to stand on, which would make people sit up and listen. Best wishes...

And, sweet Gracie..I can't even imagine...glad you and Ashli had some quality time while Gracie was enjoying her first day.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

It is so hard at first, but it really does get so much easier, and it will be so healthy for her to go to school everyday and discover her independence :)

The way you describe your grandpa is so similar to the way I feel about mine, except that I do get to see mine much more often. We have always had a bond...so hard to put into words. He took my son's death very hard. I am so glad you got some quality time with your grandfather.

Michelle said...

Welcome back, Jason!!

Boy can I relate to the first day of school!! Kara started preschool last week, and she cried when we left. But I have read before that the parents shouldn't hang around the classroom because it makes the separation that much more difficult. So Tim and I bailed after we got her settled, and we actually had a great morning while she was gone. And she had a great day at school!

I think things change a little when you have two kids. I relish my time when Kara is gone. Yes, Matty is still here with me, but it is so much easier only having one kid around on those days!!! Oh, I probably sound like an awful mother, but when you have a second (if you do) you will see what I mean!! ;-)

Oh, and I can also relate to you going back to school! I am heading back next Monday to pursue a career in nursing. I am starting with one night class -- biology. Good luck with your class!!

Anonymous said...

I am on the other end of the school sadness. My daughter is starting her senior year, and I know she will be leaving me at the end of it for college. I wanna cry too!

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streak said...

Putting your little loved one in school is not an easy thing to do at all and it sounds like everyone handled themselves well. I think it is nice that you both took a long hard look at the schools and did not take the decision lightly. You are doing a great job wanting nothing but the best for your daughter and wife. Good luck with your schooling and I think you will do awesome.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I certainly know where you are coming from with leaving the little one at school. We have had a few of those heart-ripping moments as well. I guess it has been a bit easier with Matt and Jon because they have always had each other in those situations...one of the advantages of twins.

Sounds like you are pursuing your dreams with your education. It's very cool that you are looking to do something that will really help other people.

Good luck with your training. Sounds like you are finding a balance there.

Laurel said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the sweetest thing I have ever read about your little girl! You are sooo in love! :)

If you have never heard it PLEASE get the song "Gracie" by Ben Folds. I think you will love it!