Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week One Done!

Run: 6 Miles
Time: 1:05:12
Pace: 10:52

Well, week one is now in the books.

Mon: 60 Min Strength - Completed
Tue: 3 Mile Run/60 Min Strength - Completed
Wed: 3 Mile Run/60 Min Strength - Completed
Thur: 3 Mile Tempo - Completed
Fri: 60 Min Strength - Completed
Sat: Cross Training - Completed
Sun: 6 mile long run - Completed

Total Miles: 15
Total Strength: 4 sessions
Weight Loss: 1 pound

This week brings the following:

Mon: Strength
Tue: 3 mile easy run + Strength
Wed: 3 Mile easy run + Strength
Thur: 3 Mile easy run + Strength
Fri: OFF
Sat: Cross Training
Sun: 7 mile long run
Total Mileage: 16

It was a very busy weekend. Friday I had a good strength training session at lunch and then I met Ashli and Gracie for a good dinner. Saturday morning brought several tasks. The first being to pressure wash the deck and take down the railings. Are deck is not that high off the ground and we wanted to give it a different look which took quite some time. The second was to get the grass cut and the third was to edge and pull weeds. I was done all that by 8pm last night. I did have several breaks for eating and just making sure I was hydrated. I count that as my cross training!

Today was my first scheduled long run of 6 miles. I didn't get a chance to get out until about 9pm tonight partly because of the thunderstorms that pushed through the area most of the day and while I don't mind running in rain I will not run in lightning...I know smart move!:) So, even though it was about 76 degrees the humidity was again brutal and I was soaked by mile 2. Let me back up though before my run. I really didn't want to do it and I almost talked myself into skipping it but I'm glad I didn't listen. I just laced up my shoes and walked out the door. I settled into a very nice pace, I have to say right around the 10:30-10:55 pace is my sweet spot. At that pace I feel like I could run for a good long time. Ironically that was my half marathon pace back in April. I felt strong through the entire run with no aches or pains at all. I am seeing a very big difference in the way I feel after runs and the strength training and additional weight loss is the reason. Hopefully that trend will continue!

Tomorrow morning brings 2 more customer service training sessions which will require me to move my strength training until early evening because there is not enough time to hit the gym at lunch time. I'm looking forward to this weeks runs and hopefully another pound or two will fall off. I'm now at 198 pounds and hopefully that number will continue going down hill. Hope everyone has a great Monday morning I know I will enjoy preaching about customer service in our stores! Later! - Jason


scott keeps running said...

Great week 1!

And good luck the next few days with any customer service deficient customer service workers.

(Isn't someone with no/poor customer service skills who works in the customer service industry the same as a pilot that can't fly a plane but was good at packing a suitcase and pushing flashy buttons?)

Wes said...

Great week, Jason! Remember the five minute rule... If you aren't feeling after five minutes, pack up and go home. By that time, the endorphins should kick in a bit and make ya happy!! Good luck with your training! Customer service rules...

Makita said...

Great week! I love the cross-training... yard work definately counts! :)

Marcy said...

Yard work most def counts as cross training!! Sounds easy but it's really hard! Good job Jason!! ;D

Michelle said...

Jason, you continue to amaze me with your dedication and clean eating. Just awesome!!

I also count yard work as cross training. I really, really hate it though. I'd rather be riding my stationary bike, truth be told.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I agree about not dodging lighting bolts. As someone who had been hit by one, I don't suggest playing around with them.

I'm wondering, are you going to reduce your strength training as you build up to your marathon?

Bob Gentile said...

Chad was hit by a lightning bolt?! geesh tough dude :-) I once was hit by a bottle rocket--lol does that count!

under 200 & counting...nice...U keep doing what ur doing and will be a strong 180-85 is in ur future.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Great work!! Keep it up!! My DH stays skinny just by doing yard work..makes me sick. LOL