Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Heat in Pollen City

Run: 5.7 Miles
Time: 1:12:03 (12:41 pace)
March Totals
Running Miles: 50
Biking Miles: 7.1
Strength Training: 7 sessions
Weight loss: 6 pounds

The plan for Sunday was to do at least 11 miles and as you can see I fell short. Instead of running Donaldson Center we decided to run in downtown Greenville starting out in Cleveland Park.

The temp was approaching the 90 degree mark here yesterday so I took plenty of fluids on the run. We started out fine but about a mile and half in Mendy had a few leg cramps so we stopped for a brief moment then started to walk a little. The heat was really starting to get to me as well but we picked back up and continued on. Around mile 3 we both had to stop again and walk as the heat was just really beating us up. After a brief walk we picked back up again and lasted until about the 4 mile mark and we both had to stop and walk. After Mendy refilled her water bottles we took off again. The pattern would continue as we would run for a good bit then stop and walk. This is really my first run at this distance in 80 plus degree heat so I knew it was going to be a struggle. At around the 5 mile mark we both looked at each other and said "don't think 11 miles is in our future today", we were whipped. We pushed through the final mile and came in at 5.7 miles for the day. I was exausted and ready to rest. Even though we struggled it was good to get out and at least enjoy the day with friends.

After I got back home I realized a couple of things...

First, I have severe allergies to all kinds of pollen and let me tell you we have no shortage of the yellowish powder here right now. My eyes we nearly swollen shut and burning badly. Second, I realized after calculating my calories for the day last night I only got 900 calories for the day, WOW, terrible no wonder I had no energy and struggled on the run. Third, I was just getting over that stomach bug from Friday and my body just wasn't 100% yet. So, after realizing all of that I was really ok with my performance. It was my first run wearing my Fuel Belt and I have to say I was pleased with the comfort and overall feel of the belt. I carried 4 10oz bottles and the belt stayed right where it needed to be the entire run. The only thing that bothered me was just removing the rear bottles and getting them back in place which is something I will just have to get used to over time.

I may try and get some miles in on the treadmill this week to avoid exposure to all that pollen. I'm just not a big fan of the treadmill but I guess it's better then suffering with allergies. Tonight is a strength training night and I'm looking forward to it. Have a great Monday. - Jason The Running Man


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the running mileage and the weight loss!

Allergies are a pain, especially for endurance athletes. I'm lucky because the only thing that really bothers me are mold spores, and they just don't exist in Arizona.

One suggestion for getting through treadmill running is to mix it up with something else. Run 2 miles then hit the bike for a while and then come back to the run. Or mix in some lifting. That way you aren't just banging away on the treadmill until your mind gives out.

Neese said...

sorry about your allergies :| glad you and Mendy were able to get in *some* miles in beautiful greenville, but you're right it was HOT yesterday!

Mir said...

I think the heat hit a lot of people hard yesterday; I know it kicked my butt! Here in IN it was a little over 80 and I was dragging by mile 8 of my 20-miler (only made it 17). Way to get in some of your miles. I could not even IMAGINE 90-degree heat yet at this point. I hope your allergies let up!

Nitmos said...

Ugh, allergies are not fun. Get me within 10 feet of mold spores and watch the swelling begin. Than, it's a mad scramble to get to the bendryl.

Larry said...

You didn't get enough calories and you were probably pretty depleted and maybe even dehydrated to begin with (since you were throwing up the day before). Add to that the heat and the allergies and it sounds like the perfect storm ;)

I agree about the back bottles on the FuelBelt but you will get the hang of it!

Laurel said...

Yuck! The allergies sound horrible.
I am thinking about getting one of the fuel belts for my marathon training this summer in Miami. I just dont think I can do the distance in August without a belt. Thanks for putting up the link.