Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Easy Tuesday

Tonight was strength night. I spent around 45 minutes doing my normal full body routine and even did some light leg work. I'm really pleased with how quickly my body recovered from the 10.3 miles last night. This morning was rough but once I got going the soreness was minimal. I'm looking forward to doing a nice easy 3 mile run tomorrow night. It will probably go by very quickly.:)

Completing that 10.3 miles last night really gave me the confidence to know I can complete that half marathon in April. It wasn't like I had doubts but that run last night just help confirm in my mind that the 13.1 distance is right there and I'm looking forward to it. Well, tomorrow is the last day in February and I'm hoping I can squeeze out one more pound or two in the weight loss department. Overall February was an active training month for me and I'm very pleased with my progress. Here is a snap shot of my running mileage and weight loss since October.

Running Miles
November: 24 Miles
December: 47.2 Miles
January: 50.6 Miles
February: 66.9 Miles

Total: 188.7 Miles

Weight Loss
October: 13 pounds
November: 8 pounds
December: 13 pounds
January: 8 pounds
February: 5 pounds so far

Total: 47 pounds

I would be an idiot to be disappointed with those numbers and I'm looking forward to the next 5 months. I hope everyone has a safe Wednesday. - Jason The Running Man


Wes said...

If you are already at 10, you will be absolutely fine for half in April. My long runs went as follows: 10, 11, 12, 13.5, and finally 15. I have the fifteen March 10 or 11. A long run like this is every other weekend on my plan. I highly suggest you do at least the 13.1 before the race, if not further, and get your hydration and fueling strategy down. That's an impressive number of miles for the month. Nicely done!!

Michelle said...

Wow, great job!!

I agree with Wes. You should be better than fine for the HM. I also agree with doing that distance before the actual race so you can feel how your body responds and figure out the fueling strategy.

You're going to rock that race!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I also agree with Wes and Michelle. Moving up from 10 to 13 isn't a very big step and the excitement of the race will dull the pain. Just don't do what I managed to do in almost every race I've ever done...go out to fast in the first miles. Don't do it or we will all gang up on you on your own blog and laugh about it...because we have all done it too!

Laurel said...

It's all downhill after 10 miles. Just remember it's only another 5k and you can do that easily. Sounds like you are doing great, there is no doubt you are going to rock the Half-Marathon!