Monday, February 19, 2007

Busy Monday

Bike: 10 Miles
Time: 35:00
February Totals
Running Miles: 35.9
Biking Miles: 57.4

Well, I woke up this morning with a sore throat, runny nose, and a terrible sinus pressure headache. I took extra Vitamin C drank plenty of fluids and I hope to sweat this thing out. So, instead of running in the cooler weather I decided to hit the gym again. Today I got 10 miles on the bike in 35 minutes and a 45 minute strength training session. I did the exact workout from Saturday.

Here is my plan for this week's workouts:

Tomorrow: 3 Mile Easy Run
Wednesday: 3 Mile Tempo Run + Strength Training
Thursday: 6 Mile Easy Run
Friday: Light Strength Training
Saturday: RACE DAY! Green Valley Road Race

I'm really hoping my Garmin gets here by Wednesday, I'm so excited to get it. Like a kid in a candy store! As far as my diet goes today I got just over 2400 calories in and over a gallon of water, I would guess around 138 ounces or so. Hopefully this "cold" or whatever I have will be gone before the race this weekend. I hope everyone has a safe Monday night. - Jason The Running Man


Michelle said...

Oh, there is nothing worse than feeling like crap and having to work out. But you did it and I look up to you for that!! When I get sick, I tend to wimp out and spend the day on the couch.

Gripperm said...

when I get a cold if I can get myself moving then I am good for the day, but If I give in to start the day then I am done

Adidarwish said...

I wonder how you get so motivated... Well... good for you.. I have been trying to stay put with my goal.. but these past few days, the motivation was hard to come by.....

Larry said...

Jason, I think you read my entry on bitness about curing a cold. Keep really hydrated and get your sleep. It shouldn't make you sicker to keep working out so try and push though it. Maybe scale back a bit but don't stop!